History of Chair

History of Social Sciences department of Tashkent Medical Academy. TMA Social Sciences first, “the Department of Philosophy” was established in 1957 with the name. The department then called later to change: “Philosophy and Logic” (1991-1998 years), “Philosophy and Law” (1998 to 2005) in 2005, “Philosophy and History”. Tashkent Academy of Medicine found, “1 – The Department of Social Sciences,” September 2, 2014, “Social Sciences” was called.
Department 1957 – 1975 Professor Pokachalov Shoxmaykin, 1976 – 1980 Professor G.P. Lem, 1980 – 1985 – professor MA Abdullaev, 1985 – 1991 Professor BI Ismailov, 1991 – 1998 Professor U.M.Abilov, 1998 – 2016 headed by professor D.T.Norqulov. Sentyarbdan 2, 2016 to the present day the candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor S.D.Norqulov department.
The department teachers “in the conditions of independence, social, moral, cultural, economic, political and legal problems of renewal,” the general scientific research work.
Above on the subject of several doctoral theses. More than 310 published scientific works, including 10 books, philosophy, logic, misconduct, philosophical issues of medicine, has published more than 15 manuals.
Members of the department of the City, organized by the Academy of media, culture, and actively participate in public affairs.
At present, 1 doctor of sciences, 5 candidates and a total of 14 teachers.
Members of the department defended doctoral dissertations years:
1. Abilov UM – 1994 PhD
2. Atamuratova F.S. – 2010 candidate
3. Makhmudov plant – 2010 candidate
4. Niyozova Sh – 2011 candidate
5. Norqulov S.D. – 2011 candidate
6. gave S.G’. – 2012 candidate
7. Abdurahmonova N.H. – 2012 candidate

Норқулов С.Д.

Norqulov Suhrob Dustmurodovich – was born in 1983 in the city of Tashkent. 2008 graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of National University of Uzbekistan. 2006-2010 teacher of the Tashkent Medical Academy of Social Sciences, a senior teacher in the years 2010-2014, the years 2011-2014 Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of nurses with higher education, higher education in the years 2015-2016, Dean of the Faculty of nurses, September 2, 2016 to the present day medicine Academy of social Sciences department, the candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor. 2011 090011 – “Social philosophy” on “the role of society in the development of the social and moral philosophy of perception,” backed the candidate dissertsatsiyasini. Now 090004- “Social Philosophy” on “the development of civil society and social change in mind transformation of philosophical interpretation” is working on his doctoral thesis. The chairman of the Tashkent Medical Academy of social and humanitarian problems arisen, the academy of social sciences and humanities a member of the scientific council. 2 monographs. More than 50 scientific articles and abstracts.