Dotsent of the Department of Social Sciences TMA Niyozova Nilufar Shomuratovna


1994-2000. Graduated from faculty of history of Tashkent State University.

  1. – Defended her of Candidate dissertation, Tashkent (Diploma of Doctor of Philosophy – PhD)

 Work experience:

  1. 1992. – the employee MSP of navoiy region

1992 –1993 yy. – student   PTS  Tashkent city

1994 – 2000 yy. –  student NUU

1999 – 2000 yy. – the teacher technical school geology-investigation Tashkent

2000 2004 yy. – the teacher of chair “History of Uzbekistan and the economic theory” the Second Tashkent State Medical institute

2005  2015 yy. – the senior teacher ТМА chair “Social Sciences ” TMA.

2016  – present time – dotsent of chair “Social Sciences ” of the Tashkent Medical Academy

 Scientific activity: 

2011 – has protected the master’s thesis on a theme: «The peculiarities  of forming and development of hygienic culture» Tashkent

The basic directions of practical activities:

Role of hygienic culture formation of a healthy way of life

The basic directions of scientific activity:

Role of hygienic culture formation of a healthy way of life


2013 – the Certificate of honour of trade union Ministry of Health

2015 – the competition Certificate of honour “the Best teacher higher educational an institution” nominations “Best teacher-researcher”.

The main scientific works for the last 5 years:Articles and theses:

1.Lifetime concepts of ideology of Ibn Sina. VII international reading of Ibn Sina. Pg. 18-19. Bukhara. 2013

  1. A role of hygienic culture youth education. VI-scientific-theoretical reading of materials of O.Fayzullaev. Pg. of 108-110 Tashkent.2013

3.A source studying hygienic to culture in Uzbekistan. Scientific-practical materials. NUUz. Pg. 57-59. Ташкент.2013

4.Value of development political consciousness of youth to reform Public health services. Gathering scientific-practical materials. Pg. 133-134. Tashkent. 2013

  1. Features hygienic culture in economic manufacture. Bulletin ТМА №2. Pg. 96-97. Tashkent. 2013.
  2. Health of the person and democratic developments. Bulletin ТМА. №4 Pg. 99-101. Tashkent. 2013.
  3. Responsibility “The fourth of the power”. M//Tafakkur.Таshkent. №1. Pg. 114-115. Tashkent. 2014.

8.Umrzoqlik siri. M//Tafakkur. №1. Pg.117-118. Таshkent.2015.

  1. Pedagogical features training of a healthy way of life. Bulletin ТМА. Pg. 146-147. № 1. Ташкент.2015.
  2. A role rational a food of health of the person. Bulletin ТМА. Pg. 158-159. № 4. Ташкент.2015
  3. A role spiritual values rational a food. Materials republican scientific-theoretical conference. Karshi, 2016, Pg. 125-128.
  4. Rational a food – the cores factors education the harmonious developed generation. Materials republican scientific-practical conference. Khoresm, 2016.
  5. A healthy way of life and hygienic culture. The Way of science. International scientific journal. A way of a science №5 Australia-Volgograd:2016. Pg 50-53
  6. Is lawful-legal health bases human.//Human rights. №3. Tashkent, 2016
  7. Is lawful-legal health bases human.//Internauka. №14. Moscow, 2017
  8. Studying methodological to a basis proceedings of Ibn Sina. IX international reading of Ibn Sina. Bukhara: 2017. Pg. 246-247

Teaching aids and methodological recommendations:

  1. Educational-methodical the grant in a subject History of Uzbekistan on a theme: “Culture of the people of the Central Asia in IX-XII century of century” Tashkent, 2013. (On Uzbek, Russian, English languages).
  2. Educational-methodical the grant in a subject the Theory and construction practice democratic societies in Uzbekistan. Ташкент:2014
  3. Theory and practice of Democratic society formation. Methodic manual on the base of new pedagogical technology teaching in practical lessons. Tashkent:2014
  4. Educational the grant for bachelor degrees «the Theory and construction practice democratic societies in Uzbekistan». Ташкент:2015.
  5. Electronic textbook in a subject History of Uzbekistan «History of Uzbekistan». The certificate Agency of intellectual property of Republic Uzbekistan. №DGU 03476 Tashkent:2016.
  6. Educational – methodical grant to the innovation basis in a subject History of Uzbekistan (Uzbek and English languages). Таshkent:2016.
  7. Educational-methodical the grant in a cultural science subject “the Role to hygienic culture formation of a healthy way of life”. (Uzbek and English languages).Таshkent: 2016.