Scientific activity

Now scientific level of chair is high enough, thanks to productive activity of the faculty. For today of 70 % of the faculty have scientific degrees. Among them Doctors of Philosophy and candidates of legal, philosophical, economic sciences. Results of their scientific researches in the field of spiritually-educational, political, historical-economic sciences to ours reflex ion in many articles printed in republican editions, and also «The Bulletin National University Uzbekistan», «The Bulletin of the Tashkent Medical Academy», «Socially-humanity in formation», “Public opinion”, “Tafakkur”, and also in the edition of materials of scientifically-practical conferences. The scientific articles prepared by S.D.Norkulov and N.S.Niyozova have been published in editions of Greece and Israel.
The candidate of philosophical sciences S.D.Norkulov (direction «Social philosophy»), the candidate of philosophical sciences N.S.Niyozova (in a direction «Historical source study»), the senior teacher A.A.Razzakov (a direction – «Social philosophy»), teachers E.A.Tuhtabaev and N.K.Zikirova («Social philosophy») conduct scientific research for theses for a doctor’s degree.
Till today’s time the faculty prints over 100 scientific articles, monographies, theses.